Yet a next OPEN ACCESS PUBLICATION from project PULSELiON! The journal article “Round-robin test of all-solid-state battery with sulfide electrolyte assembly in coin-type cell configuration” has been published in the Electrochemical Science Advances Journal on 29 March 2024.

The work presents a coin cell preparation protocol for solid-state batteries with Sulfide-based electrolytes. This method has been evaluated interlaboratory comparison for reproducibility. The method can be modified, depending on the optimization parameters of the solid electrolyte, cathode material, bilayer comprised on cathode and solid electrolyte, lithium metal anode, and cell in general.

The work also presents an interlaboratory round-robin test (RRT) of the coin cells between the four laboratories from PULSELiON that have participated in this work, including electrochemical tests of sulfide solid-state batteries in coin cell configuration. This RRT for the preparation of coin cell solid-state batteries with sulfide solid electrolyte, lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxides cathode, and lithium metal anode is intended for academic researchers and provides guidelines of research in this field.

We are proud of this achievement within project PULSELiON, thanks to the authors Alexander Beutl (AIT), Ander Orue (CICe), Pedro López-Aranguren (CICe), Andrea Itziar Pitillas Martinez (ABEE), Maria Helena Braga (UPorto), Ville Kekkonen (PULSEDEON) and Artur Tron (AIT).

Please feel free to download and read the work?

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