MILESTONE 9 ACHIEVED! Launch of a matured Digital Data Platform (DDP) – the SUNDIAL platform

Yes, it were busy times in project PULSELiON last summer, as also Milestone number 9 was achieved. A matured Digital Data Platform (DDP) – the SUNDIAL platform, was launched, and implemented by our partner INEGI. The data platform will serve as a database for our developers to collect data regarding the battery mass, energy and cost flows that occur in the production processes. This data will serve as feedstock for the environmental and cost analysis. The completion of Milestone 9 has been the result of dedicated teamwork, commitment and the collective expertise of all consortium members. This has been evidenced by a SUNDIAL workshop organised by INEGI and by the delivery of the manual for the use of the SUNDIAL platform in project PULSELiON to the project partners.

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