MILESTONE 10 ACHIEVED! SSB Recycling Process Flow Design

Project PULSELiON has achieved its third Milestone, with the delivery of deliverable D7.2. Deliverable 7.2 overviews the PULSELiON project’s initiative to create a novel recycling process for solid-state batteries. It defines the core conceptual recycling process flow for next generation solid-state cells developed in PULSELiON project. Download the Public Summary..Read More

MILESTONE 7 ACHIEVED! Safe handling & testing protocol

Project PULSELiON has achieved its second Milestone, Milestone 7, with the delivery of deliverable D5.1. Deliverable 5.1 includes safe handling protocols at the material and cell levels and describes cell testing protocols under normal and abusive conditions. Download the Public Summary of deliverable D5.1: Report on the safe handling &..Read More

MILESTONE 2 achieved! Cell specifications and testing protocols

Project PULSELiON has achieved its first Milestone, with the delivery of deliverable D2.1. Deliverable 2.1 starts from battery cell specifications for different automotive applications and defines a tentative cell design. This cell design has been evaluated by performing a modelling exercise to predict the tentative battery cell performance associated. D2.1..Read More

Reference Cell defined and Round Robin tests performed

Partners from PULSELiON have already accomplished the first stage on the progress toward the cell concept from components prepared by PLD technique. A protocol for safe handling and sulfide-based material and waste treatment has been established as well as reference cell with high voltage cathode, a sulfide electrolyte and Li..Read More