Today we continue the series of posts by around the new OPEN ACCESS PUBLICATIONS from project PULSELiON. We present the journal article “Influence of the mixing speed in the rheology of NMC622-based Li-ion battery electrode slurries”, which has been published in volume 26 of the Journal of Power Sources Advances in April 2024.

The work presents systematic experiments and 3D-resolved computations to investigate materials organization in slurries and in the resulting electrodes. Understanding the slurry rheology and the interaction of the formulation components is fundamental for further engineering electrode manufacturing and analysis of the dried electrode’s output properties.

A big thanks to the authors of this publication: Diana Zapata Dominguez (CNRS), Jiahui Xu (CNRS), Yasmina Boudjema (CNRS), Siwar Ben Hadj Ali (CNRS), Franco M. Zanotto (CNRS) and Alejandro A. Franco (CNRS) (corresponding author).

Please feel invited to download and read the work?

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