MILESTONE 3 ACHIEVED! Stable Li thin metal film anode

The achievement of Milestone 3 – Stable Li thin metal film anode – has been worth demonstrating the success on manufacturing the Li thin metal anode by Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) technique where 20 mm thick Li was deposited on top of Cu foil. Stripping-plating measurements of symmetric cells placing a sulfide solid electrolyte as a separator in coin cell configuration, without applying any external pressure, did not display worse electrochemical performance than a commercial 20 mm thick Li-on-Cu electrode at a current density of 0.15 mA·cm−2 for capacity of 0.3 mAh·cm−2. In addition, the Li-on-Cu electrode manufactured by PLD has also shown its potential on using as an anode in full cells based on Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt (NMC) active material in coin cell configuration displaying not an inconsiderable discharge specific capacity with a high retention capacity for the initial cycles. Thereby, after the accomplishment of the Li-on-Cu manufacturing by PLD and its validation, now it is time to move forwards of exploring the inorganic protective layers to protect the Li metal anode by PLD in PULSELiON project.

The completion of MS3 has been the result of dedicated teamwork, commitment, and the collective expertise of all those partners involved in work package 3. Congratulations to the team for this great achievement!

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