MILESTONE 2 achieved! Public Summary D2.1 Report on cell specifications and on testing protocols

Project PULSELiON has achieved its first Milestone on 30 August this year, with the delivery of deliverable D2.1. Deliverable 2.1 starts from battery cell specifications for different automotive applications and defines a tentative cell design. This cell design has been evaluated by performing a modelling exercise to predict the tentative battery cell performance associated.

D2.1 confirms that the PULSELiON technology could be able to meet the targeted energy density, reaching a value of > 450 Wh/kg and > 1200 Wh/L. Also from functional point of view, D2.1 confirms that the current requirements for automotive application of the PULSELiON technology. D2.1 establishes the testing protocols that will be applied to verify the achievement of the proposed cell performance targets on the prototype cells that will be developed in project PULSELiON.

Download the Public Summary of deliverable D2.1 Report on cell specifications andon testing protocols

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