Project PULSELiON has achieved its FIRST OPEN ACCESS PUBLICATION! The journal article “Critical Current Density Measurements of Argyrodite Li6PS5Cl Solid Electrolyte at Ambient Pressure” has been published in the Journal of The Electrochemical Society on 20 October 2023.

The work investigates the impact of the often-overlooked Critical Current Density (CCD) parameters and aims at establishing more standard measurement procedures for solid electrolytes under ambient or almost ambient pressure. Furthermore, an alternative method for evaluation of CCD values is presented adopted from Tafel analysis.

The Critical Current Density of an electrolyte is an important parameter to evaluate its applicability for battery application. However, a lot of hidden parameters can influence CCD measurements and thus for the same material often different values are reported in literature. In this work we investigated this issue and developed an alternative method for determining the CCD

We are proud of this achievement within project PULSELiON in collaboration with project SUBLIME, thanks to the authors Artur Tron (AIT), Ander Orue (CICe), Pedro López-Aranguren (CICe) and Alexander Beutl (AIT).

Feel free to download and read the work.

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