Project PULSELiON has achieved its SECOND OPEN ACCESS PUBLICATION! The journal article “Three Dimensional Physical Modeling of the Wet Manufacturing Process of Solid State Battery Electrodes” has been published in the Journal of Power Sources Volume 580 on 1 October 2023.

The work presents a three-dimensional physics-based modeling workflow to study the impact of wet manufacturing process parameters on the properties of Solid-State Battery (SSBs) tape casted electrodes. This computational workflow was initially developed to study Lithium Ion Battery electrodes and it is adapted here to SSB cathode electrodes based on NMC622 active material. Further developments will aim to describe the PULSELiON cathode chemistry and formulation. Simulations will allow us to reduce waste from trial and error in manufacturing.

Dr. Franco Zanotto (CNRS, PULSELION), working in the PULSELION WP6 led by Prof. Alejandro A. Franco (CNRS/Université de Picardie Jules Verne, PULSELION), has contributed in this article in collaboration with Mohammed Alabdali, PhD student within the DESTINY PhD programme co-funded by Umicore. The authors of the article are Mohammed Alabdali (CNRS, DESTINY), Franco Zanotto, Marc Duquesnoy (CNRS), Anna-Katharina Hatz (Umicore), Duancheng Ma (Umicore), Jéerémie Auvergniot (Umicore), Virginie Viallet (CNRS), Vincent Seznec (CNRS), and Alejandro A. Franco.

Feel free to download and read the work!

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